It is typical practice to deworm puppies at about 2 weeks of age before any eggs can be passed in their stool.  Then it is advisable to continue to deworm your puppies every 2 weeks until they are at least 8 weeks old.  While this should prevent many problems that may arise, it is still important to be aware of your dog’s health as an adult.  Stress can activate any larvae that has been laying dormant.  Stressful situations can include severe illness, pregnancy, invasive surgery, extreme emotional events or trauma.  Keep in mind that some things are more upsetting for your pets than for you, such as moving to a new place, storms, or too many new faces.

Once the “worms” are active there are several symptoms or signs that you may need to visit a vet. Watch for unexplained weight loss, diarrhea, anemia, or blood in the feces.  If any of these signs are present, do not just go out and buy a broad spectrum deworming agent.

There are many types of worms that can affect a dog but a specific diagnosis is required in order to accurately take care of the problem.  There isn’t a universal medication that will take care of the problem.  In fact, if your dog is being affected by heartworms or another type of infestation unrelated to worms, the poisons in the medication that are designed to eradicate worms could do serious harm to your dog.  Do not assume your dog has worms when it is suffering from an illness you can’t explain.  Go to your Rexburg vet to determine a safe course of action, so that your dog will get the help and medications it needs to be healthy. Give us a call today at (208) 356-4271 to learn more about signs when you need to deworm your pet in Rexburg.

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