Fall is here. The leaves are changing, apples are hanging heavy on the trees, the air is nippy in the morning, and your pet has more energy as the air begins to be cooler during the day.

Autumn is when many home owners make repairs and preparations for winter. It is also the ideal time to maintain where your pets hang their collars and to help your pets become ready for the winter weather.

Each fall is a good time to do an end of the season check on collars, leashes, harnesses, fences, leads, and runs. You don’t want to end up chasing your dog through the cold winter weather when his leash breaks or he escapes through a broken fence. By making sure these items are in good condition before the snow flies, you will lessen the need to hunt for your pet during the colder temperatures.

Check your pet’s outdoor home, shelter and bedding. An insulated house makes a huge difference in the warmth and comfort of your outdoor pet. Any bedding should be washed before replacing it in your pet’s house. A well-fenced area or yard can help your pet to get the exercise it needs during the winter months when pet owners tend to want to take their pets for shorter walks. Inspect, repair, or replace feeding dishes and heated water bowls.

Many pet owners give their dogs and cats a good end of the summer bath. Make sure you use a pet-safe shampoo and get them completely dry. This, along with basic grooming, helps your pet be ready for winter. Your pets should be brushed often regardless of breed, size, coat length or hair type. Most pets grow a heavier coat in the winter to help insulate them from the elements. Many pets benefit from brushing which should make the coat softer, cleaner, and less prone to major shedding. When you brush your pet’s fur it helps keep it free from mats and burrs. Fall seems to be a time when dogs experience some itching and allergic reactions that affect their skin. Owners should locate and treat irritated skin, clean ears, and clip nails as a part of fall grooming care.

We have a complete grooming facility here at Upper Valley Veterinary Clinic to offer Rexburg pet grooming, should you need help to get your pet ready for the upcoming winter weather.


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