We do most surgeries Monday through Friday in the mornings so we have plenty of time to monitor your best friend as they wake up from anesthesia. Emergency surgery is performed as needed which may require extra care for your pet. Routine surgeries need to follow the guidelines outlined below.


Feed your pet the night before, then take away the food at 8:00 pm. It is okay to still give them water. The morning of the surgery do not feed your pet. Bring them into the clinic between 7:30 am and 8:00 am for their scheduled appointment. Your pet can be returned to small amounts of food and water the evening after surgery.

We offer blood panel screening which checks several things, including the liver and kidney function, so we may customize the best anesthesia for your pet. A pre-surgical exam is performed before surgery. We use the laser instead of a surgical blade for most surgeries. The laser is less painful for your pet, as it seals the nerve endings as it cuts. There is also less swelling and less bleeding as it cauterizes as it cuts. Most surgeries also include an antibiotic injection and pain medication that lasts for 24 hours. We will trim your pet’s nails while they are sedated if it is needed. A licensed, certified veterinary technician assists with anesthesia using monitoring equipment to make sure your pet’s anesthesia is as safe as possible.

We have bundled many of the above mentioned items together in one price, along with the surgery. Please ask us what is included when you call for pricing, and we will be happy to assist you.

We try to have all our surgeries completed by noon each day.  You are welcome to call to check on your pet after 1:00 pm the day of the surgery to see how they are recovering. Occasionally we will need to keep an animal overnight if they are slow to recover from anesthesia. Most pets are ready to be picked up between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm the same day as their surgery. When you pick up your pet, you will be given written, detailed information regarding recovery and special care that may be needed. They will be sleepy when they go home. You will need to provide a safe and warm place for them to stay overnight that is free of stairs or uneven surfaces.

We feel that we offer excellent surgical care for your best friend and extend our offer to call and visit with us as you consider any surgical procedure.