Snow and rain causes the coat of your pet to become dirty and matted.  When the fur becomes matted to the skin and tangled tight, it needs to be shaved off.  Regular grooming can uncover skin problems caused by injuries or allergies.  It also uncovers lumps and bumps.  As your pet is brushed and groomed, the shape of their body becomes familiar to the caregiver and potential problems are quickly recognized and can be treated by your veterinarian.

Sometimes a pet owner will ask the groomer to “comb out the mats”.  This is comparable to when you remove excessive “snarls” from your own hair.  It can be very painful to your pet.  Routine brushing by the pet owner removes dead hair, spreads oils and helps keep unpleasant odors away.  Cats that are regularly brushed have less problems with hair balls.  During spring shedding, it is important for the pet owner to brush their pets more often.

Owners should regularly check their pets for ear sensitivity, discharge and odor.  Pets who shake or tilt their head or circle may have an infected ear that needs treatment by their vet.  Groomers will pluck the hair inside the ear to help your pet stay healthy and problem free.

Overgrown nails can deform your pet’s paws or impede a dog’s gait.  Keeping nails trimmed helps prevent damage to furniture, carpets and you.  When nails get too long, it causes foot pain and often lameness.  Don’t forget to check the nail on your dog’s dewclaws if they have them.

As pets are bathed, you need to use a shampoo that is formulated for pet care.  Human shampoo can be harmful to your pet as it dries out the skin and destroys natural oils.  Make sure you do not get soap directly into eyes, ears or the nose of your pet during bathing.  It is important that you rinse and rinse to remove all soap from your pet’s coat and skin.  Your groomer may use a conditioner to help improve your pet’s coat or to lessen shedding or snarling.  Good grooming is a year round responsibility.  Your veterinarian and groomer can help you keep your pet healthy and happy.

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