Winter is here and good grooming keeps your pet warm and comfortable even when the weather isn’t. Winter snow and rain causes the hair coat to become dirty and matted. Loft, the air between the hairs, creates insulation for your pet from cold winds and weather. The best way to maintain loft is to keep your pet’s coat clean and well brushed. Mats should be completely brushed out. Trimming between the pads on your pet’s feet helps keep snow and ice from forming there. Trimming the nails as short as possible keeps safe footing on the snow and ice. Wintertime baths keep the hair clean and easier to brush and it is important to make sure your pet is dried clear to the skin.

Winter presents challenges to regular grooming, but good grooming is not just a summertime activity – it is a year round responsibility. You are welcome to come into our Rexburg animal clinic to meet our groomer and to tour our grooming facility where your pets are given quality care at a quality price. Our groomer will give you a free quote for grooming if you bring your pet with you. If you want a quote, call (208) 356-4271 to make sure she will be available to help you.

Grooming appointments are available Monday thru Friday and also on Saturday on a limited basis. Appointments are required. Please look under the Monthly Special section to find a grooming coupon that you may use to treat your pet this holiday season.

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